Private Events

We create memorable experiences

Live a magical event, where your only worry is to enjoy.

Our purpose is to transform the areas to create a special atmosphere.

Unique events

We handle every single detail imaginable, combined with our assessment we will make an unforgettable experience come alive.

Style and personality

We dispose of all the resources to create a magical atmosphere, with style and transmitting the personality you desire.

Jaimas, Tents and atmosphere creation

We want our events to produce a magical character. For this reason we offer a wide variety of Jaimas, tents and other decoration resources to harmonize the spaces.

Pioneers importing the original Maghreb Jaima tents

The traditional Maghreb Jaima tents are famous for their beauty, exoticness and splendid designs. We have an extensive background proving great variety and quality throughout the years.

Tent installations for every type of event

We work with brands of renowned quality and high safety, german Losberguer tents, for example. Offering all sizes and styles because we tailor make our canopies. Tents with english windows, transparent, curtains and decorative exclusive material ceilings, etc.

Warmth and elegance in every corner

We make sure your events have complete attention to detail in every element needed to make it an absolutely perfect experience. Decoration straight from the árabic world such as, rugs, lamps, candlesticks, and more…

Air conditioning
No matter the outside temperature, we are always ready

We have indirect combustion hot air generators (approved for use in tents), as well as air conditioning equipment.

Would you like to organize an event with us?

Tell us your ideas and we will make them come true. Whether you are planning a business event, a wedding, or any other celebration.

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